8/27: Insta-Clean Service

Last night when changing water in bowl, Mr Burrows was in warm hide but sticking out a lot more than usual and flicking tongue towards the open door. I leaned in, smelled for myself and realized it was time for tank cleaning. So I left the door open and let him ‘escape’. Once he was out, down and on the floor I tossed out all of the soiled substrate, cleaned the enclosure and decor, put everything back. A couple of days prior I had put fresh coco husk in a bin with water so it was ready to go.

After the tank was set up again, he had not moved far. I went to pick him up and he hissed at me a couple of times so I let go and he crawled under the tv stand.

Then I carefully rolled the tv stand out of the way, leaving him in the open. That quieted him down and I gently picked him up. We had about an hour long handling/playing session that went pretty well. I thought I heard something, like a sneeze, but it was only once and his breathing was fine. Returned him to the newly-cleaned glass enclosure.

Will feed in a couple of days and then check again and monitor his breathing to see if that ‘sneeze’ or whatever I heard happens again.


Night Time Adventures

Last night, Mr Burrows was out free-roaming in the bedroom. Around 2:00 am I hear a loud THWAAAPPP. get out of bed, turn on light and see that he’s left some poop on the floor. And I see him approaching the PVC cage on the floor. I clean up the mess and turn out the light thinking he’ll just continue on into the cage and curl up in the warm hide.

At 5:00 am I wake up to the sound of something hitting the floor in the other room. Investigating,  I find him 2/3 of the way up the bookshelf, trying to climb down!

So I extricate him from that perch, clean him with damp paper towel, dry him off and after a few minutes of handling, take him over to the glass enclosure. At this time he’s draped around my neck and he lowers himself into the enclosure, so I put some fresh water in his bowl, close the door and go back to bed.

June 25 Spa Day

A few days ago I upped the meal size from 35g weaned to 50g small f/t rat. A bit of a struggle but eventually Mr Burrows managed to get it down. Then I left him alone to enjoy his food coma. Last night I took him out of enclosure for a ‘spa day’ – washing down with wet paper towel, then drying off with fabric towel. He seemed to enjoy it.

burrows.in.hand_edited dragon.shirt2_edited headshot_edited

May 28

Mr Burrows left more than shed skin in the PVC cage in my bedroom closet. So I did a full cleaning on Wednesday. The coconut husk substrate was pretty damp so I didn’t put the hide and other furnishing back.

But I couldn’t find him in my room in any of the usual hiding places and was getting worried. Thursday after work, still couldn’t find him but I put the hides and other ‘furnishings’ back in and figured I’d wait until Saturday to really search for him. A few hours later I went into bedroom, turned on the light and saw the back half of the snake crawling back into the newly-cleaned cage! So happy. I left him alone and thawed out a rat because I knew he had to be hungry.

When I pulled back the door and held the rat inside the cage it took less than 2 minutes for Mr Burrows to reach out and snatch his meal.

May 18 full enclosure cleaning


Looks good but when I was finished, found Mr Burrows in the PVC cage at bottom of bedroom closest. It has a UTH with VE-300 thermostat so I gave the coconut husk a spritz, put fresh water in the bowl and left him there.

And: on Friday the local pet store said they’d have weaned rats Tuesday. Tuesday, I was told they won’t have any until Friday afternoon. So that will be 12 days between feedings.