May 28

Mr Burrows left more than shed skin in the PVC cage in my bedroom closet. So I did a full cleaning on Wednesday. The coconut husk substrate was pretty damp so I didn’t put the hide and other furnishing back.

But I couldn’t find him in my room in any of the usual hiding places and was getting worried. Thursday after work, still couldn’t find him but I put the hides and other ‘furnishings’ back in and figured I’d wait until Saturday to really search for him. A few hours later I went into bedroom, turned on the light and saw the back half of the snake crawling back into the newly-cleaned cage! So happy. I left him alone and thawed out a rat because I knew he had to be hungry.

When I pulled back the door and held the rat inside the cage it took less than 2 minutes for Mr Burrows to reach out and snatch his meal.


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