This is not the kind of python I have!

Python devours entire wallaby in front of Northern Territory park ranger

The olive python is the largest snake species in the NT, and the second largest in Australia, behind the scrub python, which is found in parts of Queensland.

The species can grow up to six metres long. The snake seen devouring the wallaby is estimated to be about 2.5 metres. Smith said it would have been lying in wait for the wallaby after picking up its scent on a trail regularly used by the marsupial.

“It would have sat on the trail and then lashed out, it would have been very fast and very aggressive,” he said. “It would strike the wallaby in the middle part of its body and then coiled around it straight away. It would have been over very quickly. They are amazing animals, very strong indeed.”


Eating Again!

Read an interesting article on The Psychology of Problem Feeders: Get Your Ball Python Eating Again.

Took the advice from the article. Gave the decor and enclosure a thorough cleaning. For the terrarium, first soaked it down with water. Then rubbed every surface and little nook with Jurassi Mite. Left it on for a while then rinsed off.  Next, used Healthy Habitat to sanitize and deodorize. Then rinsed thoroughly with a lot of water.

And instead of the usual coco husk substrate, tried paper towels. Then I changed up a couple of hides to give him different options.

Returned Mr Burrows to his newly detailed home and left him alone for the night and next day. Then finally after fasting for 20 days (!), he took a weaned rat.