Sneaky snaky

Yes even though he lost me before I let Mr Burrows out again last night, but kept watch on him.

He went along the wall, then turned corner and under the radiator. A minute later I checked behind the sofa and…he wasn’t there! Also not under radiator. So then I figured I’d check the other room and he was already under my bed! Checking I noticed that there’s enough space between the radiator pipe and the connecting hole in the wall for him to squeeze through and go from living room to bedroom.

So sneaky! Going to Home Depot today to see if there’s some safe (non-toxic) pipe wrapping I can use to block the hole and keep him from escaping.

Picking him up and played with him for 20 minutes or so, then went back to enclosure but he wasn’t ready to go in so I let him stroll around the living room for another half hour. Put him back into tank and he still wanted to get out for more exploring but that will have to wait for another day.

I like to let him get some exercise and time exploring but don’t want to have him expect it as a daily habit.


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