Oh oh!

Sunday night I let Mr Burrows ‘escape’ from the vivarium again. I watched him traverse down the table and along the wall, as before. He’s curious and seems to fearlessly explore every dark nook and cranny. Then I made the mistake of taking eyes off him for a few minutes and…he was not where I expected him to be.


In fact, he was not anywhere!
Checked all the places he’d been before, and others, and I just could not find him. But I figured he had to be somewhere in the living room of my little apartment.

Then Monday after work I took apart the living room trying to find him but the little guy had vanished! Checked the closets, book cases…no where to be found. I decided to close all the doors so wherever he was, he couldn’t get into another room.
Tuesday after work I deduced that if he’s not in the living room kitchen bathroom or closets, maybe he made it all the way into my bedroom. So I looked around and didn’t see him but found some fresh poop behind the laundry basket. AHA! But still couldn’t find him.
Turned off the light, left the room and closed door, hoping he’d get active and move around and I could check in a while for signs of movement or activity. After around 10 minutes there was a crash and I went in and finally found him; he’d tried climbing up something that fell over!
CRISIS AVERTED and lesson learned LOL.

Held him for a few minutes, he felt really cold – and dry. Then I held him outside enclosure and he voluntarily climbed back in. After letting him get comfortable for 1/2 hour or so and putting fresh water in bowl, offered him a f/t rat which he struck right away and ate without a problem.

Then this morning I changed the water as per usual schedule and he unexpectedly came out of his hide and went straight to the bowl to get a drink, had never seen this before.

Every day there’s something exciting and interesting for a new BP owner!


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