Another good feeding

Monday: let him out, played around for a couple of hours

Tuesday: another few hours of hanging out after work.

Wednesday: he stayed in hide, wasn’t interested in doing anything.

Thursday: good feeding, 35g weaned rat.



After-dinner soak

Took Mr Burrows a while to decide if he wanted to get out of tank for nightly stroll or eat but it’s been over a week since he fed and eventually he took the f/t weaned rat.

A few hours later I caught him lazing around, soaking in his water bowl like an ancient Roman after a feast.


Might be time to get a larger bowl,

Another evening of handling

Had Mr Burrows out for a few hours last night, he found a warm spot on couch near radiator to hang out, then we ‘wrestled’ for a while until he was not into it anymore.

When I put him back into enclosure he went head first into the water bowl, first time I’ve seen him drink.


Snakelace: the living fashion accessory!


Had Mr Burrows out of the enclosure for a few hours last night. Weeks ago he managed to get from living room to bedroom through a small space where radiator pipe goes through the wall. I blocked that but he spent a long time trying to figure out a way past. But then, this smarter-than-he-looks snake surprised me by going to the other corner of the living room in search of a small opening through the wall.


Testing Google spreadsheet

Here’s a link to caresheet:

William S Burrows care sheet and journal


Friday night: The Re-Appearance

Mr Burrows finally came out of his hide after over a week in there! I think he’s grown in that time, LOL. He looked a bit thin so I quickly thawed out a f/t rat for him and he took it down as soon as I offered it. ¬†About an hour later I saw him doing ¬†his typical post-feasting soak in the water bowl.

Later in the night I heard him moving around, trying to find a way out of the enclosure but that will have to wait until Saturday evening.


Shy guy

For the first time ever, Mr Burrows did not leave his hide last night. I hope he’s okay. It’s been over a month since his last shed so maybe he’s starting that cycle.