Another game of Hide’n’Seek

Last night I opened Mr Burrows front door again and let him ‘escape’ while I was watching tv. He spent a lot of time exploring, and after a while I found him all tangled up in a jumble of speaker wire and cables between DVR and tv. Gently extricated him from that mess and let him continue checking things out, as long as I could see him or knew where he was I left him alone, and only intervened when he was heading somewhere I didn’t want him to go. He covered most of the living room area. After a while I took him over to couch and turned off the tv so the room was dark and quiet, and we hung out together for a while then he moved on from couch to my computer desk. I think he liked the large and warm modem, he sat on it and behind it for a good long while,  then I found him curled up behind some computer stuff. Got him out of there and was holding him against my chest and he got very relaxed and calm, almost sleeping with his head resting on my hand.  This was his longest session out of enclosure and the exercise might have tired him out so I took him back to tank, held him in front of the door and he slithered back into his home.


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