Another Great Escape

Left the sliding door open. Didn’t move while I was near. Went to watch tv and 30 minutes later when I walked past noticed he’d slithered out of the enclosure and on to desk. Took the opportunity to clean. Replaced Coco Husk with fresh substrate, and washed all the decor. After around 45 minutes, Mr Burrows had climbed down and was on floor so I picked him up. Noticed there was still some old shed clinging to him. Spritzed on some Repti-Shed. He didn’t like it at first but soon seemed to not mind having it rubbed in and I gently rubbed off some of the shed remnants. After around 15 minutes of this treatment he was getting skittish  so I returned him to the newly cleaned terrarium. He checked out a new hide I put in on warm side, but didn’t stay in it. Will wait a day or two and if he still isn’t using, will remove it.


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