Mr Burrow’s Big Adventure

I often leave one of the sliding doors open when home, to provide the snake with fresh air and more natural environmental sounds. I always thought he was too shy or scared to dare leave the safety of his warm enclosure.

Last night though, while I was not in direct line of sight I heard something outside the tank and going over, saw that he had crawled out and not gone where I had anticipated, and was trying to get down off the table. Probably hungry or to investigate where the rats were. At least, I hope that’s why, and he wasn’t trying to escape because of problems in the terrarium (too hot, too dry, or some other reason). It was interesting to watch him maneuver his way around, nearly silent. But eventually I had to pick him up and return to his home. The room is cooler than his habitat and when I picked him up he was noticeably cold, and when returned he went straight into the warm hide.

Going to feed him tonight (Wednesday), give him a couple of days to digest and then let him ‘escape’ again on Saturday while I clean the terrarium and replace the substrate.


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