Another game of Hide’n’Seek

Last night I opened Mr Burrows front door again and let him ‘escape’ while I was watching tv. He spent a lot of time exploring, and after a while I found him all tangled up in a jumble of speaker wire and cables between DVR and tv. Gently extricated him from that mess and let him continue checking things out, as long as I could see him or knew where he was I left him alone, and only intervened when he was heading somewhere I didn’t want him to go. He covered most of the living room area. After a while I took him over to couch and turned off the tv so the room was dark and quiet, and we hung out together for a while then he moved on from couch to my computer desk. I think he liked the large and warm modem, he sat on it and behind it for a good long while,  then I found him curled up behind some computer stuff. Got him out of there and was holding him against my chest and he got very relaxed and calm, almost sleeping with his head resting on my hand.  This was his longest session out of enclosure and the exercise might have tired him out so I took him back to tank, held him in front of the door and he slithered back into his home.


Another bonding session

Last night i allowed Mr Burrows to ‘escape’ again, and then I lost sight of him for a while. Finally tracked him down hiding behind some LPs leaning up against the bookcase. Picked him up and we explored the apartment for a while, with him spending a lot of time climbing on me. Lots of fun and I hope he’s gaining some confidence that I’m not going to hurt him. He seems to be getting calmer while being handled.

It’s difficult to keep an eye on the snake and also work the webcam but will try to get some good video next time we hang out together.

Another Great Escape

Left the sliding door open. Didn’t move while I was near. Went to watch tv and 30 minutes later when I walked past noticed he’d slithered out of the enclosure and on to desk. Took the opportunity to clean. Replaced Coco Husk with fresh substrate, and washed all the decor. After around 45 minutes, Mr Burrows had climbed down and was on floor so I picked him up. Noticed there was still some old shed clinging to him. Spritzed on some Repti-Shed. He didn’t like it at first but soon seemed to not mind having it rubbed in and I gently rubbed off some of the shed remnants. After around 15 minutes of this treatment he was getting skittish  so I returned him to the newly cleaned terrarium. He checked out a new hide I put in on warm side, but didn’t stay in it. Will wait a day or two and if he still isn’t using, will remove it.


Bought a digital thermometer online, it was on sale for $15 with free shipping so why not.

Took about a month to arrive by Canada Post but it’s a good tool and fun too. Easy to check the accuracy by trying it on boiling water and an ice cube and it’s pretty good from about 4 to 6 inches away.

The UTH is keeping the bottom of the terrarium at 91F which is ideal. Tap water in this building comes out around 105F which is also great for warming up frozen rats to a toasty 100F so Mr Burrows has no trouble recognizing them.

The thermometer is already handy when baking.

Mr Burrow’s Big Adventure

I often leave one of the sliding doors open when home, to provide the snake with fresh air and more natural environmental sounds. I always thought he was too shy or scared to dare leave the safety of his warm enclosure.

Last night though, while I was not in direct line of sight I heard something outside the tank and going over, saw that he had crawled out and not gone where I had anticipated, and was trying to get down off the table. Probably hungry or to investigate where the rats were. At least, I hope that’s why, and he wasn’t trying to escape because of problems in the terrarium (too hot, too dry, or some other reason). It was interesting to watch him maneuver his way around, nearly silent. But eventually I had to pick him up and return to his home. The room is cooler than his habitat and when I picked him up he was noticeably cold, and when returned he went straight into the warm hide.

Going to feed him tonight (Wednesday), give him a couple of days to digest and then let him ‘escape’ again on Saturday while I clean the terrarium and replace the substrate.