Enclosure photos

Pethen The Python is in shed. Saw him out last night for a bit but mostly he’s staying in the hide right now. So I took a few photos of the tank. Back right corner is crowded at the moment, I wanted to cut down the size of the terrarium for now, and I can move some props around or take them out when he grows bigger. This type of snake is basically ‘agorophobic’, doesn’t like big open spaces. They prefer to be in snug, tight-fitting burrows.

He basically mostly goes between the large hide on the left and the water bowl area on the right.  There’s some open space in front of the large hide. Ball pythons are ambush predators so I generally dangle a rat in front of the entry and he will soon pop head out and then get positioned for the strike.


Atasuki terrarium. Sliding front doors, and grill at snake’s-eye level. My idea is to have fresh cool air enter at the bottom of the tank, it will be warmed by the lamps and rise, exiting mainly through the opening in the Reflectix cover.

left_side_medium right_side_medium


Dimmers: Night (75 watt infrared), Day (100 watt white), and Under Tank Heater.

Plan to replace the UTH dimmer from HomeDepot with a Herpstat eventually.



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