The Naming Of The Snake

Having a hard time settling on a name. Some options:

Pethen The Python

Koleo (see: or Wrapper MC Koleo


Camo – because of his colouration. (Too obvious)

Nachash – Hebrew word for serpent. And close to Yiddish word nachas.

Zachal (crawling, creeping)

Tannin – serpent

Regis/Reggie/Reggae (Species is python regius)

Plissken (too obvious)

other possibilities:

Sir Slithelot/Sir Slither

Jormungand (Norse serpent)


Shesha: In Hindu (Vedic) tradition, Shesha (Śeṣa in IAST transliteration, Devanagari: शेष) or Sheshanaag (Shesha the Naga) (Śeṣanaaga in IAST transliteration, Devanagari: शेषनाग) or Adishesha (AdiŚeṣa in IAST transliteration, Devanagari: आदिशेष) is the king of all nagas, one of the primal beings of creation, and according to the Bhagavata Purana, an Avatar of the Supreme God known as Sankarshan. In the Puranas, Shesha is said to hold all the planets of the Universe on his hoods and to constantly sing the glories of Vishnu from all his mouths. He is sometimes referred to as Ananta Shesha which means endless Shesha or as Adishesha which means the first Shesha. It is said that when Adishesha uncoils, time moves forward and creation takes place. When he coils back, the universe ceases to exist. “Shesha” also means remainder: that which remains when all else ceases to exist.

Read more:


Memory Alpha: Ssestar was the leader of the Selay delegation to the Parliament conference of 2364 in order to resolve their feud with the Anticans. Both races wished to join the Federation, but they had to settle their differences before this could be allowed.

Ssestar and his delegation were taken to Parliament aboard the USS Enterprise-D, as were the Anticans. Upon boarding, Ssestar demanded that their quarters be upwind of the Antican so they could not smell them.

While on board, there was great animosity between the two groups. When one of the Enterprise crew was killed, Ssestar was suspected and questioned about the murder. The true culprit was later revealed to be an energy-based lifeform originating from the Beta Renner cloud. (TNG: “Lonely Among Us”)


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