The Arrival, & Setting up on Labour Day weekend.

Monday September 1, 2014

Ball python. Atasuki reptile terrarium and most essentials from Menagerie Pet Shop. The snake is very nice looking and seems to be healthy. The terrarium is well made, screen on top is strong and locked on firmly. Sliding glass doors in front, and a vent screen runs along the front glass.


Everything was delivered around 6 pm on Friday of Labour Day weekend, and the guys from the pet shop basically dropped it all off in my apartment and left so I had to figure everything out myself via trial & error and some internet searching.

Affixed Under Tank Heater on the bottom of the tank, dampened the coconut husk substrate, crumbled it and put in the tank. Put in a hide and water bowl and then unleashed the snake into its new environment.

The first night was dodgy. Neither of us slept much LOL. During the day I realized the UTH was too hot and instead of using the hide, snake curled up in corner of tank. Cute, but less than optimal. Went to Home Depot for a thermostat (dimmer) so I could control the heat.  Also went to Petsmart for another hide (the ‘Cave of Skulls’), a temp/humidity gauge and some décor.

Added the Cave of Skulls on cool side of tank and snake seems to like sleeping in it during the day. Also have a piece of bark in the middle that it can crawl under. One thick branch at back, and I’d like to put one more branch reaching from front left to back right and some more foliage


Dual heat lamp on top with a day and a night bulb, with a dimmer and timer on each.

Ball pythons are nocturnal and I’d read that a too-large tank can be stressful. Now I know nothing about their behavior but it doesn’t seem stressed. At night it moves all around the tank (looking for a way out?), and spends the day curled up at the back of the hide



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