Ecdysis: The First Shed

Wednesday and Thursday Pethen was spending considerable time soaking parts of its body in the water dish.

Friday night the snake took a dip in the water bowl and soon went back into hide. Stayed in there all night and then all day Saturday. Around 6:30 pm I wanted to weigh it before it was fully awake, so lifted up the shed and picked up the snake. Its skin was dull but only when I saw the blue eyes did I really realize it was in shed. So I apologized, put him down, put the shed back into place and watched until he slowly went back in.  Then misted the enclosure to keep the humidity up; I’ve read that is key in helping the snake to have a good shed, and this shedding process will go on for the next week or so.

Excellent forum post about shedding aka ecdysis here:


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