Goin’ out for a stroll

Caught on camera! William S spent at least 30 minutes with head poking out of hide, checking to make sure the area was clear. Then he finally made a ‘mad dash’ up and over another hide and log to get to large open area in back right, on the cool side of the enclosure.

Sped up the recording up 4x because he is a slow and cautious mover.

Stuck shed fixed

It had been several days since checking him out so last night I decided to take a look at Mr. Burrows. Lifted hide, he hissed at me a little but I picked him up anyways, and that’s when I noticed a big piece of shed still stuck to his scales, around 3/4 back along his side.

Quickly put some warm water in a plastic tub and then lowered Mr Burrows into the water. He was okay at first, and I used hand to scoop warm water over him to give him a good soak. After five minutes he started to get snaky and obviously wanted to get out of the tub and back into the terrarium. I used a washcloth to get more water and some roughness against the stuck shed, and helped him back into the enclosure. He seemed to calm down once back in his hide, and pretty soon was poking his head back out.

Later that night I saw him draped on top of the hide, and this morning I found the long bit of stuck shed inside the terrarium, so it appears that the soak was effective.


Cleaning up

Last night (Tuesday), took everything out, cleaned the decor and glass surfaces, replaced substrate with 3 bricks of Coconut husk. Put snake in a bin in warm shallow water to help get off any excess shed still stuck to him. Don’t think Mr Burrows was happy about spending so much time out of his enclosure but he’ll need to get used to it.

Putting in fresh coconut husk

Putting in fresh coconut husk



Very similar layout but a few improvements. There’s a small open area in the middle (good place for feeding), and enough space along the bottom that he could travel the entire perimeter along the glass walls. Also there’s space in each corner since he sometimes like to curl up there. And I’ve raised the branch at the back so he can hang out there, secure and unseen.

Tuesday Sept 23 – #ShedWatch Is Over! Now #ShedAid begins

Woke up this morning and checked in on Mr Burrows. Was greeted by the pungent smell and sight of a big ol’ snake turd in the water bowl, and some shards of shed skin in the same area.

So, as I suspected – after not pooping or shedding for so long, when they happened they happened around the same time. Unfortunately the skin coming off in pieces is a sign of trouble, and possibly sub-par husbandry on my part. I’m going to leave him alone until this evening, then check him thoroughly and possibly give him a ‘bath’ in warm water to help get rid of any leftover shed still stuck on him.